John G.



John Gutierrez (AKA John G.)  is a multi-faceted director, producer, creative and editor who has lived and worked in New York, London, Los Angeles and Cape Town, all of which has brought a global perspective to his work.

John’s currently in post production on his feature film debut THE GIFT. While his documentary feature film LANDMINES will have its festival run in 2020. His short films TWILIGHT OF THE MASTERS, THREE DAYS GONE, and EQUANIMITY have screened in several film festivals as well as being exhibited at the Balenciaga Museum in Spain, The Wallace Collection in London, The Pacific Film Archive in Berkeley and the Anthology Film Archive in New York. John’s directed commercial projects for luxury brands Hermès, Balvenie Whisky, Morgan Motors and premium brands like adidas and Huawei. John brings his years of experience in directing and editing films to create work that combines a distinctive, evocative visual language with strong, compelling narrative arcs.

After graduating from NYU film school John earned his stripes as an editor. He edited music videos for Beyonce, Regina Spektor, Duffy and many others. He was an editor for the Tom Petty Documentary RUNNIN’ DOWN A DREAM, directed by Peter Bogdanovich which went on to win a Grammy award for best long form video.